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. GQG is a strategic marketing consultancy serving private, public, and non-profit organizations. GQG designs and performs custom marketing, market research, community relations, public affairs, project management, business development, and other professional services, locally to globally.
. The firm has broad and deep expertise in many B2B and B2C categories, including technology, telecommunications, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial, housing, transportation, healthcare, education, energy, sustainability, and others.

  GQG's dedicated team members have up to 35 years of individual professional experience in helping clients to achieve their objectives. The clients range from small startup companies to large Fortune 50 global corporations, schools, cities, counties, colleges, professional organizations, and non-profit associations.
For primary market research studies, GQG selects, customizes, and uses effective online and offline methodologies and designs creative techniques for generating insightful findings as well as analyzing and producing actionable recommendations to assist organizations with achieving their goals and meeting their needs for:
  ... Product and program development
  ... Industrial design
  ... Positioning
  ... Branding
  ... Marketing communications
  ... Customer satisfaction 

. GQG conforms to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. GQG has also been a member of numerous professional associations over the years.

. To learn more details about GQG and its professional marketing and research services, including different qualitative or quantitative methodologies, please visit the other Web pages, e-mail or phone 503.970.5705.



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